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of the the united states government. >> reporter: get reaction from local lawmakers by visiting you can also read the entire text of president obama's speech as well as governor mcdonnell's response. and see the associated press ' fact check on the president. it is all on our politics page. >>> new this morning on 9 news now, dc police are investigating the murder of a teenager. it happened just before 11:00 last night in the 800 block of barnby street. the 17-year-old victim was shot in the neck. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. his name has not been released. >>> the body of a marine killed in afghanistan is expected to return home to the u.s. today. sergeant david smith of frederick was killed on saturday after a bomb went off while he was on patrol. the marine reservist was a 2002 graduate of frederick high school, and a student at east carolina university in greenville, north carolina. >>> toyota's problems are growing this morning. in the last 90 minutes we have learned it will extend the recall to europe and the gas pedal problem has avis and enterprise rental cars
are arriving here in the united states. many of these children lost their parents long ago and many will find new lives here in the united states. for more information on how you can help in and the estimate now is 200,000 people are dead, go to we have a link to charities taking part in relief efforts at the top of our home page. >>> it's time for another living smart report and a heads up to those of you thinking of making donations to haiti relief efforts. >> a little warning. of course we have seen an amazing outpouring of support for the victims in haiti. donation relief efforts are still pouring in. they have reportedly already topped $200 million. but where there are people in need there are scammers looking to take advantage so the fbi and the national center for disaster fraud has established a 24 hour telethon hotline to report fraud. the number is 866-720-5721. that is 866-720-5721. you can also e-mail information directly to >>> now that wall street is coming back, they want investors to come back, as well. that's why price cuts go in to effect for cha
. >> 95% of the goods coming to the united states come from china. the estimate is 750,000 jobs here in the u.s. are lost because of the sale of counterfeit goods and over $250 billion in displaced sales that take place. it is an underground economy and basically what it funds is things like forced child labor, gang activity, organized crime. >> reporter: law firm officials argue that counterfeit products fund terrorist activities and there are health concerns. the dyes on the products could cause allergic reactions or contain carcinogens. >> hit close to home because this is my daughter's industry and she's definitely against the fakes. >>> governor kaine says good- bye in his final state of the commonwealth and haitians here pray for their loved ones. >>> time for weather and traffic. here's devon lucie. >> we have temperatures from teens in culpeper and manassas but as you go to fairfax county and loudoun county we are back in the 20s, even to alexandria and arlington, mid to upper 20s in some cases. the forecast temperatures by this afternoon, upper 40s. lower 50s for some. nothi
regulations for people flying into the united states. it stems from that attempted bombing of a flight on christmas day. over the weekend, president obama linked that plot to al- qaeda. new rules took effect at midnight. they are already getting mixed reaction, come after a late night security breach. >> reporter: starting today, all travelers that want to get into the u.s. have to play by tough security rules. people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest see the biggest changes. mandatory full body pat downs, carry on searches and body scans are part of the latest wave of enhanced procedures. at least 14 countries on the list, nearly all muslim. philadelphia residents went through ramped up measures on flights from belgium but weren't impressed. >> they looked through the bag, they missed one bag. so sort of felt very artificial. >> reporter: new guidelines more than a week after a man allegedly tried to blow up a plane christmas day. airports around the world have been on alert ever since. another security breach last night forced o
to the united states from 14 high-risk countries. >>> the president added he will suspend the transfer of guantanamo bay detainees to yemen. that nation is believed to be a hot bed of activity for al- qaeda activity. >>> when it comes to airport security, we are constantly reminded how imperfect it can be. a reminder yesterday from california. metal field in bakersfield was evacuated and shut down for hours. the reason, five bottles of honey in a bag. initial tests showed signs of tnt. >>> time for a living smart report. jessica doyle is live with local college bargains. >> we have some of the most expensive universities in our region but it turns out we have some of the best values as well. two local schools made this year's best values in public college list by kiplinger's magazine. university of maryland stays in the top 10. george mason university is number 64. the top five value schools in the country are the university of north carolina at chapel hill, the university of florida, the university of virginia, the college of william and mary and the state university of new york at bi
adopted this emin the united states. >> she has an american passport and can leave at anytime with her two children but won't leave without two small relatives. >> one is trying to help me and i don't have any diapers or food, i don't have anything. >> reporter: those who can't get out struggle to regain control of their lives. ten days after the quake, people everywhere team so have some place to go and something to do. banks are reopening for those with money. >> okay. >> two weeks after the quake hit and there's the strong smell of death here. this is right outside of port- au-prince. this was once a supermarket three stories high. bodies are buried under the mortar here. the open markets are stocked with produce, grown in the mountains. >> people have been very resilient. and we will continue to remain in that mode. >> reporter: well to do who had homes are assessing the damage with plans to rebuild. >> the first numbers as to the damage locally, we don't know what it is. 40 to 60% of the housing is destroyed. >> reporter: the poor are still in the streets. an estimated 2 million peopl
are the president of the united states so the white house told the court he can't make it. no word if he had to he schedule for a less busy time. >>> this morning on our website, we are asking should the president be exempt from jury duty or is it an important civic obligation? we want to know what you think temperature vote in our poll when you visit >>> it is 8 after the hour. hero central report we eck news a local food bank. it finds more and more people asking for help. our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> before we get to maryland's weather and traffic we just got word that rappahanock, virginia schools two hour delay due to the weather. go to doppler hd. across southern maryland and northern and western maryland heavy rainfall across parts of charles county, waldorf to la plata and calvert county and then west of frederick, virginia moving to the northeast, some heavy rainfall. we are looking at showers for this afternoon. we will see heavy rain taper off to showers. temperatures in the 50s and 60s will cool to the 50s this afternoon. although 60 in leon
ranks 149th. the largest donors of international aid are the united states, canada and venezuela. haiti is on the same island as the dominican republic, that is espanol. it is video from san toe domingo. people felt the quake and panicked a bit but no report of death or damage from the quake there. stay with us for continuing coverage of the haiti earthquake. get updates while you are at work by visiting learn about local relief efforts. we will be going to the haitian embassy this morning for a press conference and you will get more from our partners at cbs coming up on the "early show" at the top of the hour. >>> in other news, new urgency this morning to stop erosion in calvert county, maryland. homes there are in danger of collapsing. a recent mudslide at one house sent a deck and hot tub plummeting in the chesapeake bay and two weeks ago a neighborhood road was closed for fear it may collapse in to the water. angry residents of chesapeake ranch estates say the presence of the endangered tiger beetle blocked proposals to shore up the cliff for 15 years. >> they are puttin
available 3-d hdtvs available in the united states. and it is expected to hit stores this spring. be on the lookout for that. and the last gadget standing award, an it is an "american idol" like competition that pits ten products against each other and the winning one is the boxee box. it shares internet content with your tv t. plug it in to your tv and it allows you to store it and share it with your friends on social networking sites. it will go on sale this spring for $200. >>> the people's choice award they are the last gadget standing determined by an on- line vote goes to laser peco projector. it is the size of a cell phone. for $500, a little pricy, you can share your videos, photos or power point presentations anywhere, on a subway, office or outside. pretty convenient. and finally, and ya, this one is for you. i know how much you love your kindle. it is a water proof kindle case that floats. it is made by image and it will protect your kindle in up to two feet of water. it is expected out later this year but no word how much it will cost. it is great because you can use
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9